Being socially active has never been so fun

Bubblin is a communitive platform for volunteers born in 2016. Volunteers, non-profit organizations, and businesses participate in volunteering with a new model that, we believe, is fun and rewarding.
How it works
  • Non-profit organizations propose punctual, time-boxed missions on the platform.
  • Businesses publish their catalog of rewards that can be redeemed with bubble points.
  • Volunteers choose a mission, participate and gain points.
  • Volunteers use the accumulated points to exchange for small gifts from businesses.
  • Non-profits simplify their search for volunteers.
  • Volunteers can easily find a non-profit activity that suits their timing or skills.
  • Businesses gain visibility by helping out the local community.
We are looking for early, invite-only participants for our November 2016 beta. If you're interested in testing a new way to volunteer for non-profit organizations, please leave your contact below.